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We are a family-owned farm for four generations on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Collins Wharf Sod Farm is an established turf grass business with roots that run deep. The farming operation started in 1921 when Arlington and Olive Moore purchased a small farm at a steamboat landing named Collins' Wharf along the Wicomico River on the Eastern Shore.  Arlington and Olive maintained their purchase through the depression years by raising many types of vegetables, fishing and trapping. They sold eggs, chickens, and butter. The holly wreaths they made in the winter months brought in some additional income.  The farm prospered and in 1946 Fred Moore, Sr., joined the operation and expanded it to approximately two hundred acres growing grains and vegetables. Starting in the mid 60's with the help of his wife Connie, and sons Fred Jr. and Scott, it increased to eight hundred acres.

In the mid 70's, Fred Sr. and Fred Jr. formed a partnership and the farm grew to eighteen hundred acres. In 1999 with Eddie, Fred Jr.'s son, joining the operation, beginning  the production and sale of sod. Starting with thirty acres of fescue, thirty acres bluegrass, and six acres of bentgrass. The remaining fourteen hundred acres was planted in grains and vegetables.  Now today we have expanded to 500 acres of tall fescue, bluegrass, bentgrass, and bermudagrass.  We are dedicated to carry on the hard work and honest business practices that began 87 years ago. 


This restored 1926 Chevrolet farm truck symbolizes the Collins Wharf drive to perfection. It has won several national awards for restored vehicles.




Fred Sr. and Eddie


Fred Jr. and Eddie starting a restored 1920's era lawnmower


 Eddie and Jackson Thomas


Connie and Fred Sr.




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